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I suppose I should try to use this, huh? Haven't posted anything in a long while [those of you reading from my lj should know I'm posting from dreamwidth under the same name so yeah].

Anyone who is browsing my dreamwidth... Hi!

So a lot has happened since the last time I updated.

I finally got financial aid.

The hotel I worked at went out of business and is being torn down. My last day at work was December 1st. I'm still going to school. I'm also seeing a counselor on a semi-regular basis [not right now because I have an overwhelming sense of guilt about a lot of things, anyways]. Still trying to work through depression and anxiety issues.

I met my friends Bre and Saranoir and they stayed at my house for two weeks and we had a blast. It was amazing. Bre is also going to be moving down here in the summer and staying with me until she gets on her feet.

Fall Out Boy announced the end of their hiatus. [I flipped my shit.]

My Chemical Romance announced the end of their adventures as a band. [I cried a lot, had a breakdown, and still feel like shit.]

I saw The Used and met the band, getting my lyrics booklet signed by them.

Somehow we managed tickets to Fall Out Boy June 11th at the Marquee Theater and I'm going to die a lot. [A lot]

I've been freaking out over Iron Man 3.

I've been completely broke. But I'm also trying to get my footing as a freelance artist rather than resorting to getting a job I hate after six months.

I cut my hair really short:

and then dyed it blue:

I've done more art [sorry about the stupid crazy sizes]:

And I've opened commissions:

Info about commissions is HERE

I'm sure there's a lot of other stuff, but that's all I can think of right now. I hope you're all doing amazing.♥